Central Public Gardens, Al Ain

Central Public Gardens, Al Ain

Known as the garden city, Al Ain offers some is of the remarkable greenery in  the midst of the dry desert area. The natural habitation in Al Ain, in the form of plant life, is mainly due to a massive forestation programs. There is hardly  any indigenous landscape but the city still possesses shade and plant life.

Al Ain has many beautiful parks. One such park is the Central Public Garden,   which is note worthy. The Central Public Gardens has a few attractions like the grand fountain that change shapes and lighting displays. The garden also   has a large adventure playground for children. The Central Public Gardens is a major attraction of Al Ain. The garden is situated towards the west of the Clock Tower, which form almost the center of the town of Al Ain. The Central   Public Garden is one of the largest parks in Al Ain.

The city of Al Ain with its roads lined with trees, fountains and flowering plants offers beautiful views. The city has somewhere around 70 public parks   and gardens thereby making it one of the greenest cities in the region. All these gardens are also counted as major tourist Attractions in Al Ain. Al Ain has extensive tracts of land used for plantation of fruit, vegetable and palm tree in the suburbs. Al Ain, as a Tourist Destination, offers all these and much more.

We thank to Mrs. Dana Gavriliuc because she shared these pictures to us.

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