Christmas 2010 – a blessed time

Dear friends,

I just wanted to share with you some aspects of our Christmas projects 2010. We have had a wonderful and blessed time together with my churches and I am thankful to God for such a wonderful time. I just wanted to share this with you all.

Christmas is a time of preparation and of celebration of the birth of our Lord, the Messiah, Jesus Christ. It is a time for fellowship, warmth, gifts, song, good food, memories …  this year like last years, we planned to help others to make Christ Jesus, the center of our Christmas season. God helped us to do that and we are thankful for His wisdom, power and guidance.

Jesus is much more to us than the infant in the cradle, watched over by his mother Mary and Joseph and the shepherds and annouced in praise and worship by the angels. He is the reason of this Christmas season and we are thankful to God because the salvation of Christ was spread in different places and many people joined us in a special time of praise and fellowship.

Enjoy of this!

May God bless you all!


Click on the links bellow to see our Christmas moments

Christmas project at ”Bethany” Baptist Church, Mihail Kogalniceanu
Christmas project at Vladeni Baptist Church, Botosani County
Christmas project at Ichimeni
(our newest church in the most poverty area of Botosani County)
Baptismal service at ”Bethany” Baptist Church, Mihail Kogalniceanu
Pastor Viorel Candrianu
President of Suceava Baptist Community
Vicepresident of Romanian Baptist Union from Bucharest
( message at the baptismal church service )
New Year fireworks 2010

Our church latest autumn events:

Vladeni Baptist Church – our thanksgiving community service 2010
Mihail Kogalniceanu thanksgiving community service 2010
marius motora

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