Vladeni Thanksgiving Service


2 gânduri despre „Vladeni Thanksgiving Service

  1. My friends, Vladeni is close to my heart and it warms me to see so many of our brothers and sisters worshipping our Lord.

    It seems as though the Lord has been with you all throughout this very busy season of thanks giving. With love in Christ from those of us in England.

  2. Hi Motora Family,
    It has been a while, since I did not hear anything about you. I have seen that you did a great ministry over there in Vladeni. We continue to pray for your ministry even is difficult to serve under a lot of lack and poverty.
    I encourage to stay faithful and do your pastoral ministry in spite of so many difficulties, troubles which comes no matter where we are.
    We continue to do our mission and ministry here in San Diego, California and I hope to keep in touch.
    Merry Christmass and God bless you guys!
    David Arghir

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